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Water Tech is the world’s leading supplier of one of the most diversified line-ups of pool and spa vacuum cleaners.

Touted as the “Pool Invention People,” Water Tech meets and exceeds the distinction of such a title. Since the invention of the first pool cleaner, the company has developed a wider range of innovative solutions to suit every budget.

Supplying products to both the world over, Water Tech offers high-quality products and world-class customer service. Manufacturing battery-powered and robot pool cleaners for both residential and commercial use, Water Tech has made its presence felt in every corner of the pool cleaning market.

From the inexpensive Pool Blaster SpaVac and Grit-Gitter series of cleaners to the state of the art Blue Line of Robotic Cleaners and super affordable products in between, Water Tech has something to meet every customer need.

Working with its customers to devise innovative solutions to pool owner’s most pressing problems, Water Tech strives to provide the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.


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