Specializing in designing and manufacturing of the highest quality medical carts, mobile equipment carts, mobile healthcare storage, and corrosion-free cart in the world, TrippNT has over 21 years of combined cart building experience and an impressive portfolio to back it up. All of the latest innovations and concepts in the industry, such as crash carts, phlebotomy carts, ER carts, suture carts, small and large carts, are manufactured by TrippNTto meet all your individual needs, even the most specific.

Founded in 1993, TrippNT’s mission is to provide the best selection of the highest quality lab carts, bins, and organizers available for the money. You can count on TrippNT to provide a constant stream of innovative, tested, and quality-controlled lab carts, organizers, and storage products. TrippNT has grown from a one-person operation in Lee’s Summit, Missouri in 1993 to the global leader and manufacturer of high-value lab carts, bins, and organizers. The company’s 16,000 square foot manufacturing plant is located in Kansas City, Missouri, in the heart of the Midwest.

With more than 16 years of laboratory experience and 21 years of plastic manufacturing expertise, TrippNT creates and produces critical storage products for the advanced technology tools and supplies that push back the frontiers of every imaginable type of science sector from Aerospace to Zoology. The company consistently present innovative organizing choices and improvements based on the needs of the current scientific trends.


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