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For over 30 years, Sper Scientific has been committed to manufacturing reliable environmental measurement instruments that help maintain regulatory compliance and provide safer work environments. Long-term experience of a manufacturer guarantees the best product knowledge and selection, customer service, and technical support at the best prices available.

At Sper Scientific, the company’s goal is the customers’ complete, long-term satisfaction with any and every product they purchase.

Count on precise measurements with the lab equipment for all your testing needs from Sper Scientific. Explore the company's line of lab tools, equipment, and supplies that meet or exceed quality standards. Whether you're looking for refractometers, timing devices, pressure meters, or calculators, you will find them here.

Sper Scientific offers a variety of instruments for environmental testing and sampling, as well as on-site laboratory operation and management. The company offers a full line of multi-parameter, data loggers, probes, and handheld meters to measure the environmental factors in your workplace.

Sper Scientific delivers dependable, accurate water quality measurement devices to monitor the changes in your water over time from seasonal variations, weather, as well as, manmade pollution. Whether you are in agriculture, industry, education, power generation, or municipal wastewater, Sper Scientific offers you a complete line of water quality meters, to test the acidity, alkalinity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO), and Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) of your water.


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