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Met One Instruments (MOI) is an expanding company providing solutions to environmental monitoring, including air quality, particles, dust monitoring, data logging devices, software instruments, and complete solutions worldwide. One of the oldest instrument manufacturers in the United States, MOI continues to provide leading-edge products. By using modern technology and innovative design, combined with years of experience, the company is able to meet all needs of its customers for ambient and indoor monitoring requirements.

The company began business in 1976 as Met One, Inc. when the first of several high-quality "Met Set" meteorological monitoring systems and a line of clean-room monitoring instruments (particle counters) were introduced. Growth was brisk and the company quickly outgrew the facilities. In 1989 Met One Instruments, Inc. was formed to focus on the growing environmental market and the entire meteorological product line was transferred at that time. The company has grown through careful planning, dedication to customer service, and the ability to design and manufacture high-quality products.

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