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LW Scientific is a company that is proud to have made an impact in the world for the twenty years of its existence. During that time the company has grown to serve various industries – medical, reference labs, electronics, veterinary medicine, bio-research, epidemiology, etc. In these twenty years, LW Scientific has helped solve problems that concern all aspects of life.

The company’s highlights:

  • Developing quick-deployment portable devices for missions and crisis zone responders;
  • Supporting a multi-national advanced fluorescence microscopy study at the World Health Organization to increase TB diagnostic capacity and effectiveness;
  • Supporting micro-enterprise development projects in resource-poor countries;
  • Inventing cutting edge ophthalmic digital image capture software and hardware for archival;
  • Patient education;
  • Remote medicine, etc.

LW Scientific has been privileged and humbled to operate in a space where the company knew it belonged to something bigger than itself and was happy to work in areas the company felt it could make a profound impact.

Over the past few years, LW Scientific has worked to bring its Made-In-America products to a new level. The desire to increasingly provide good jobs in this tentative worldwide environment has driven the company’s transformation over these recent years. The latest series of Made-In-America projects promise new best in its class centrifuges and fluorescence devices. LW Scientific continues to work to bring jobs home to the US. Their ISO 13485 compliant (medical device quality assurance program) facility provides a platform for repeatable, dependable leading products.

LW Scientific cares passionately about both people and products. Its mission is to expand as a manufacturer and supplier through a combination of employee development and innovative product development. Historically, the company’s proven path for growth has been to provide cost-effective alternatives together with attentive customer service.

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