Since 1919, LaMotte has been a committed leader in providing high-quality equipment and guidance for water analysis. The company produces the broadest line of portable test equipment, offering improved products, strong technical support, and the most extensive custom test kit service in the industry.

LaMotte is located on its own 15-acre industrial park near colonial Chestertown on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The company manufactures analytical reagents, laboratory apparatus, electronic instrumentation, and complete portable test kits for chemical analysis in hundreds of applications.

The company’s methods:

Visual Colorimetric - A sample is treated with reagent(s) to produce a color reaction. The sample color is then compared against color standards representing known concentrations of the chemical being tested.

Electronic - Electronic methods generally use a special electrode for measuring a specific test factor. An electrode is immersed in a sample and then an amplified current or voltage is produced and translated into a digital readout. Electronic colorimeters measure the amount of light that travels through the reacted sample and convert the measurements into readings (ppm, absorbance, etc.). In addition to colorimeters, LaMotte manufactures instruments to test pH, TDS, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity.

Titrimetric - In a titrimetric method, titrating solution (or titrant) is added to a treated sample until a color change occurs. The volume of titrant required to reach this endpoint reaction is proportional to the concentration of the chemical being used.


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