Beach Sales & Engineering LLC is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative safety solutions, such as the Cloud Mat™, Cyclomop™, and Hurricone™, a Cordless Floor Drying Cone Dolly.

HURRICONE™ aids in drying the floor with a continuous flow of air in 360 degrees and up to 15 feet in diameter. While drying the floor, HURRICONE™ also warns pedestrians of a potential slip hazard using a standard 36-inch floor cone.

The HURRICONE’s fan draws the air in thru the intake grills and forces the air down to the bottom of the unit creating a continuous airflow that travels across the floor surface 360 degrees around the unit covering 177 square feet. It runs for up to 12 continuous hours on a rechargeable & replaceable battery pack that allows the user to never be out of service while charging.

Buying HURRICONE you will get the HURRICONE base, 36-inch safety cone, rechargeable battery pack, and a smart charger. The company also gives an opportunity to buy parts and components separately.

Be proactive when it comes to safety. Choose HURRICONE™.



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