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GfG Instrumentation is a world leader in gas detection and measurement technology. For over 55 years, GfG has specialized in designing, developing, and producing the safest and most reliable equipment available.

The company offers an extensive variety of portable monitors, fixed systems, and respiratory airline monitors. The product range includes sensors, the world’s smallest gas monitors, microprocessor-controlled multi-gas detectors, and computer-aided system solutions.

GfG provides diverse solutions for explosive, toxic, and oxygen gas detection in air. GfG equipment is used in a variety of applications and industries (e.g. automotive, chemical industries, public utilities, landfills, hospitals, fire and civil protection, mining, energy supply, food processing, shipping, steel industry, agriculture, research institutes and universities, etc.) where the protection of life and property is crucial.

GfG’s products are designed by a team of highly qualified scientists, engineers, and technicians, who work in cooperation with leading research institutions to bring practice and theory together.

Supporting a worldwide sales and distribution network, GfG Instrumentation has established production facilities around the world in the United States, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, and Singapore.

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GfG Instrumentation

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