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In 2013, Foxx Life Sciences purchased all the assets of Roush Life Sciences. The Foxx Life Sciences team is made up of med-tech and life sciences industry experts with a major focus on innovation and engineering excellence. The company is located just 32 miles north of Boston in the heart of the life sciences, med-tech and biotech industries. This acquisition enabled Foxx to increase its activities in the rapidly expanding market for innovative research, biotech, and pharmaceutical products.

Foxx Life Sciences provides engineering services, OEM and Foxx labeled proprietary products to leading research and distribution companies for a wide variety of applications. Through strategic planning and acquisition, commitment, and hard work, Foxx has developed an unparalleled reputation for technical expertise, quality, and value. The company’s focus on next-generation patented filtration, fluid management, and solvent waste products has accelerated its customers’ critical product-to-market timing objectives – a vital advantage in today’s competitive market.

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