Firefly is a leading provider of wireless portable microscopes and magnifying cameras with real-time 30FPS video transmission. The company’s product portfolio includes a wide variety of wired and wireless cameras as well as accessories. Its cutting-edge optics technology provides users with crystal clear vision, pictures, and videos. Firefly products are chosen by professionals from a wide range of industries, including audiology, ENT, primary care, pediatrics, telemedicine, education, quality control, lab sciences, high-tech engineering, dermatology, gemology, numismatics, and cosmetics. The company has offices in North America, Europe, and Asia and works with resellers and dealers worldwide.

Vision. Firefly is committed to empowering professionals by offering superior and innovative wireless and wired camera products. The company is constantly looking for new ways to create a better vision. Whether you’re documenting the health of a tympanic membrane or studying high-tech sensors, the company has solutions to suit all your needs.

Philosophy. Firefly provides its customers with the latest technologies and the highest quality products. The company strives to form strategic alliances and long-term relationships with the channel partners by providing the best support in the industry.

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