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Eberbach is a leader when it comes to microscope slide cabinets.

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Eberbach Cabinets


Eberbach Cabinets

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Eberbach embodied its knowledge and skills in the development and manufacture of prime-quality microscope slide cabinets and accessories. The company's solutions are represented in a variety of diverse types of custom cabinets to suit your particular needs.

Microscope Slide Storages or Petrographic Slide Cabinets are an ideal solution to safely store prepared slides for the short and long terms. Slides are easily indexed, making retrieval more simple. Such cabinet systems provide large space, close fit, and long operation.

Eberbach also produces innovative Microscope Slide Warming Tables and Slide Trays to expand your opportunities and help you get the most accurate results. Only the finest materials are used to create every product. All products comply with present-day standards and meet customers’ requirements.

Eberbach's innovation and quality are rooted in exceptional customer-centric product research and design, providing consumers with smart solutions aimed to create easy-to-use products that satisfy a need, simplify life, and provide exceptional value.

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