Over the years, CMT has been making massive investments in the most advanced technology in CNC machine equipment and innovative software to manufacture best-in-class woodworking cutting tools. Furthermore, CMT has hired highly skilled engineers and operators to manage production operations. As a result, the entire woodworking cutting tool manufacturing process is completely automated.

CMT products are manufactured for industrial applications. Its woodworking cutting tools are utilized by the world-leading furniture makers, kitchen manufacturers, and CNC machinery manufacturers. Because of the company’s intense investment in advanced production technology, CMT is able to offer industrial tooling at an affordable price to an ever-growing following of cabinet makers, contractors, and woodworkers as well the manufacturing customers.

The CMT Orange Tools™ brand is known worldwide in the woodworking community as a premium brand of woodworking cutting tools. The CMT mission is to continually improve its quality while offering the woodworking world the best products at affordable prices.

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