Carson Optical was founded in 1990 by Richard Cameron. A former banker started his business in an ordinary basement, importing and exporting a wide array of products between the US and Japan. The company's first experience with optics was in 1991 when Cameron stumbled upon a unique Electronic Binocular that was manufactured by the now-defunct Copitar Japan. Cameron named his company "Copitar USA" and began calling buyers at the national retail chains and writers working for major media publications. Cameron quickly gained placement in mail-order catalogs, such as The Sharper Image and Orvis. His efforts gained the company exposure in media outlets that included the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Popular Science.

Renamed as "Carson Optical", the company grew out of its basement home and leased warehouse space in Huntington, New York. As business flourished, Carson expanded its binocular offerings and branched out into related optical categories, such as magnifiers and microscopes. A bit later, Carson focused on products that really improved the overall customer experience. This philosophy allows the company to thrive in an industry often dominated by larger marketing-driven competitors.


With nearly 25 years of experience in the optics industry, Carson has assembled a team of engineers whose sole mission is to improve the customer experience. The company’s product line has grown exponentially to encompass a broader range of products and accessories that reflect the needs of its numerous clients.

Currently located in Ronkonkoma, Long Island, the company’s advanced CNC and 3D rapid prototyping machines allow the research and development team to fine-tune the concepts before production. As a result, Carson has built a patent portfolio encompassing more than one-hundred patents ranging from magnifiers to complex optical testing procedures. This is a testament to the company’s dedication and ingenuity in the field of optics.


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