Stim Machines

Stim Machines

Stim machine is a device that is used to provide E-stim and Ultrasound treatments. The major purpose of the stim machine is to strengthen and repair tissue, especially muscles that were injured, weakened or atrophied due to injury or disease.

During the stim-therapy, a therapist secures electrode pads to your skin and uses the stim machine. This machine provides electric impulses to stimulate your muscles. When the impulses pass a threshold, the potential action is dismissed and the muscle reduction happens. The stim machine creates stable electric impulses that stimulate muscle reduction.

There is a variety of the stim machines that are divided or include different types of the stim therapy:

  • E-stim machines are generally large devices that consist of various electrodes connected to different parts of the body. The E-stim machine provides an electric current through the electrodes producing muscles to contract and relax. Such a stim machine provides a therapy for those who need to strengthen their core muscles.
  • Tens/EMS stim machines include electrodes that are placed around a painful surface on the body to release nerve impulses on injured tissues. This type of stim machine provides TENS and EMS therapies.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is used for long-term pain as well as for severe pain. The therapist places electrodes on the skin near the root of pain and the stim machine sends the signal to block or release the pain.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a medical treatment that provides electrical stimulation in treating muscle spasms and pain. Such therapy helps to prevent atrophy, build strength in patients who have injuries and keep muscles active after any type of spinal cord injuries or strokes.

The ultrasound stim machine provides an electric current through the ultrasound probe. This probe supplies vibration waves through the skin to the body. The waves transmit energy to the tissues. Ultrasound stim machines can be used for treating a wide range of health diseases, but the most common use is treating the muscle tissues.

Some stim machines can be used at home as a part of surgery or injury recovery if such treatment is prescribed by your therapist. That is why such stim machines may be controlled by the user, that means that you don’t need to visit a doctor to adjust the settings. However, it is better to have the therapy on a clinical stim machine, especially when the stim machine is used for the physical therapy to contract and release muscles and tissues.

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