Dixon Air Fittings

Dixon Air Fittings

When it comes to fittings, the choice is not easy. There are many brands and even more items on the market. In order to purchase a reliable product, we recommend you to consider only trusted companies that are recognized for quality. Dixon Valve is one of them. 

Dixon air fittings are designed to ensure excellent performance. It is possible to choose from safety check valves as well as mill hoses, flexible tubing, and more.

The company’s safety check valves are the products you can rely on. These valves are made of brass, making them extra-durable. This material is known for its versatility and resistance to corrosion. If the air flow changes, the valve detects it automatically and shuts off the flow in the event of a surge in excess of valve flow rating.

A safety check valve uses the pressure differential across the valve. When the pressure differential is within the operating limits, the valve is open, if it is above the operating limits, the valve closes. The items are designed for pneumatic applications. They are used in factory air lines, shipyards, construction sites, and more. These safety check valves are not intended for use in applications where 100% of the available air is required.

You can also pay attention to mill hoses. The products are designed for open-end discharge applications. Please note that they should not be used for fire fighting service. The hoses are available in different sizes and lengths.

Legris nylon tubing is resistant to humidity, chemicals, and abrasives. The product is semi-rigid. Polyurethane - 95 durometer tubing is a perfect option for hard-to-reach spaces. The features include flexibility and a small bend radius.

All Dixon Valve products comply with current standards and customers’ requirements. Please make sure that the fittings are properly installed. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions before the installation and use of any product.

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