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Digi-Sense thermometers are state-of-the art solutions that are made with the user in mind. They are irreplaceable in many applications, including agriculture, education, food processing, HVAC industry, the list goes on.

On our website, there is an extensive range of Digi-Sense thermometers. Here are some of them.

Infrared Thermometers

These devices are perfect for non-contact temperature measurement of hot, hard-to-reach, or moving objects. The thermometers are widely used for industrial maintenance, in foodservice, and other applications.

Traceable Pre-Calibrated Infrared Thermometers

IR Thermometers with Alarm and NIST-Traceable Calibration, 20:1

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IR Thermometers with Thermocouple Probe Input and NIST-Traceable Calibration, 30:1 - professional models

With these thermometers, you can safely and effortlessly locate hot & cold spots, just take the following steps: aim > pull the trigger > read the measurements.


  • pre-calibrated to NIST-traceable standards;
  • laser sighting for the measuring area targeting;
  • large backlit LCD to view the readings;
  • pistol-grip handle is added for more convenience;
  • min/max readings & data hold function;
  • auto power-off mode to prolong battery life;
  • trigger lock for continuous temperature scanning.

Professional models offer an array of additional benefits:

  • higher distance-to-sight (D/S) ratios - long-distance measurements are not a problem;
  • extended temperature ranges;
  • dual-laser sighting to pinpoint target areas;
  • external type K input - great for contact measurements;
  • USB interface - transmit data to your PC fast & easily;
  • protective lens cover.

Digi-Sense Food Safety IR Thermometers with/without a probe

Models with a probe:

Models without a probe:

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These are combination contact/non-contact thermometers for various food applications. You can easily check critical food temperatures & monitor HACCP food safety zones. Measure & log food temperatures when cooking, serving, cooling, reheating, storing, and transporting it.


  • LEDs will indicate if the food temperature facilitates bacterial growth; green lights signal that the temperatures are safe, red lights - that the temperatures are dangerous;
  • the contact probe swings out to check internal food temperatures, then folds in for storage (for models with a probe);
  • target illumination is designed to indicate target measurement area, it is great for close working distances;
  • countdown timer with alarm.

Thermocouple Thermometers

Digi-Sense® Temp Series Thermocouple Thermometers are heavy-duty devices that offer:

  • 3-way hands-free operation - choose the best way for you: place the thermometer on the table (or other flat horizontal surfaces) using a built-in stand, attach the device to a metal surface (there is a built-in magnet in the armor boot), or hang the unit onto the pipe or belt;
  • large backlit display - it is easy to read, shows all the necessary readings;
  • automatic field calibration - to ensure accurate readings.

Note that the sealed keypad as well as ABS plastic housing are splash-resistant.

Traceable Data Logging Thermometers

Traceable® Memory-Loc™ Data Logging Thermometers with Calibration

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With these devices, you can easily monitor & log temperature data.


  • up to 10 unique alarm events can be stored, memory can be cleared after data download;
  • Smart-Alarm™ with visual/audible alarm continues to alert even if the device returns to non-alarm conditions;
  • triple-display is designed to show high, low, and current temperature simultaneously;
  • upload a USB downloaded file & store on a TraceableLIVE® cloud account.

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