Beach and Kayak Carts Review Mar. 17, 2015


It's a beautiful sunny day, and you're about to head out to your favorite beach spot. But what should happen but you realizing you haven't packed all of your essentials? Making sure that you have all of the right equipment and gear for your beach excursion is a must. The number one thing that those travelling to the beach wish that they had brought with them is a beach cart. It's a handy accessory that can not only carry all of your beach goodies, but it's the new way to travel to the sandy dunes in style.


What is a beach cart?

Beach carts are generally divided into two categories:

  1. Beach Carts - carrying your most needed stuff for the time out;

  2. Kayak / Canoe Carts - helping you carry quickly and effortlessly your vessel towards the water and back.

1. Beach Carts - are most closely compared to trolleys. In addition to having sturdy wheels, baskets made of wicker or (perforated) are usually attached, giving you extra room to store the beach essentials. Sand can easily fall through the cracks and not dirty up your beach gear. Two of the most common beach carts are: carts that attach themselves to bikes or ones that are hand pulled. One of the greatest benefits about these handy carts is how they can compact themselves for easy storage and travel. However when you need it for your next outing, they pull out and can hold plenty of space for everything that you need.

What you should bring on your beach cart?

If you're curious about what you should pack in your beach cart then there's an easy way to prioritize and decide what you need. First, bring the essentials such as towels and blankets. Next, bring sun protection, you don't want any harmful UV rays that are burning your skin. Another helpful item is to bring sunglasses. Polarized or not, these guys can help block out the bright sun from damaging your eyes. Lastly, bring the fun stuff. Cards, Frisbees, a book you've been reading or even some toy shovels can all easily be stored in your beach cart. Once your have your incidentals you can bring the bigger items like umbrellas and beach chairs.

No matter what you decide to bring with you, bringing a beach cart to your next beach excursion is must. With all the pockets and simple storage, it makes for one of the best ways to hold your normal beach necessitates. Versatile and durable, these carts can last you for years' worth of beach trips and can be taken to more than just a beach. Any picnic or outdoor activity is a fun way to use your cart. As long as you have your beach cart, there isn't any activity that you won't be prepared for.

The best carts on the market are made by Wheeleez™. The Wheeleez carts have pneumatic tires that are soft yet tough. They spread heavy loads over a larger surface area of the wheels than other carts. That makes it much easier to transport heavy or awkward loads. These wheels are so large that they will not sink in the sand.

The folding carts are still extremely rugged but are a bit easier to store and transport in many cars. If you are frequently travel to the beach, and especially if you go with your family, strongly consider getting a cart to bring with you. They eliminate the need for multiple trips back to your car and make the process of getting to the beach much easier. If you want to move your coolers, chairs, umbrellas, toys and other items to the beach, park or sports field with ease, I strongly recommend you check into getting your own cart.

2. Kayak / Canoe Carts

Many owners of foldable kayaks and canoes (e.g. Long Haul Folding Kayaks) and other  operate from home to water with pack bags of boat in car trunks. Then they unload and assemble their boats in grass or sand near the water and carry the boat in.

In a number of cases however, especially when you expand your travel range, you will face the distances over land, which are too long to carry boats plus gear or you might be alone or you might wish to leave the boat assembled for a while.

Various customers have found folding kayak/canoe carts most useful. When we talk about using the kayak/canoe cart it is useful for other long slender boats, such as rigid kayaks, rowing shells, narrow canoes. It does NOT work well for very broad boats as the wheelbase is too narrow.

For the broad types of kayaks, canoes and boats the three-way adjustable Wheeleez Boat Dollies are the best choice! These are the most versatile boat dollies on the market today, which are used for Sunfish, small sailboats, fishing boats, kayak fishing equipment and more.


Wheeleez folding kayak/canoe cart

Wheeleez Boat Dolly

A kayak/canoe cart is designed to be pulled while walking. NEVER use this cart behind a vehicle.

Method of Transportation:

Boat assembled. Place a boat cart under the center rib of a kayak, buckle belts around the boat. Grab a bow (front end of boat), you can walk upright. In your hand there is only a light portion of the boat, enough to steer as you walk.

Within a few minutes, you will have a good steering control. You can then approach water, swing the boat on the wheels parallel to the water and unload. It is usually suggested that you avoid allowing the boat cart into the water, especially salt-water, if it can be helped. With the Wheeleez™ Kayak Beach Carts you are free not to stick to this very caution as their frames are made of Marine grade anodized aluminum and the hardware - of Marine grade stainless steel.


Wheeleez carts are helpfully multifunctional and Wheeleez wheels are pretty multi-applicable! (see videos below)

After use, fold the cart up and carry it in the kayak. DO NOT leave boat cart on the beach.

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