6 Honeywell Air Humidifiers To Improve Your Health Jan. 5, 2018

Lack of humidity in the air has a terribly negative effect on your health, and it’s not about a desert, it’s about your room! Cold air from outside in tandem with heating appliances inside lead to dry air, which undermines people’s health.

Tackling a challenge of maintaining the proper level of humidity in your home or office, you can count on Honeywell – the experienced provider of innovations for your comfort!

How does low humidity/dry air affect people?

Low or insufficient humidity in a room is a really bad practice. Apart from general discomfort, it makes the respiratory system more sensitive to bacteria and viruses. If the level of moisture doesn’t correspond to the recommended variables, it becomes a trigger for the growth of fungus, dust mites, mold, cause condensation and even static electricity. On top of this, dry air may even cause woodcraft cracking and spoil it.

What is the ideal level of humidity?

The appropriate percentage of humidity – i.e. water vapor in the air – for your well-being ranges from 35% to 60%. Lower, as well as higher levels, are equally dangerous for people’s health. In winter the level might be around 40% to eliminate condensation on windows.

What are air humidifiers used for?

Humidifying devices are used to provide or increase the humidity of a single room or a whole building. They can be compact (table-type) or large (wall-mounted). The large ones are usually interconnected with the HVAC/R system of a house and tend to be used in industrial or commercial buildings, hospitals, and other institutions. The heating season makes humidifiers an urgent need, for the use of certain heating appliances make air uncomfortably dry.

Air humidifiers help you get rid of:

  • irritated or dry eyes;
  • dry, itchy, or scaly skin;
  • uncomfortable breathing because of dry mucous membranes of respiratory tract;
  • nasal congestion;
  • increased risk of catching a cold or flu;
  • sensibility to infections;
  • low productivity, especially while reading or working with the computer.

What is the best air humidifier for me?

Choosing a humidifier for your bedroom or children’s room, you should pay attention to many criteria and features that are aimed at improving the air quality without disturbing you much. Honeywell Air Humidifiers are manufactured with the thought of people’s comfort and peace of mind, so choose the best for you!

  Honeywell HCM-315T Honeywell HCM-6009 Honeywell HWM705B Honeywell HUT-300B Honeywell HCM-350 Honeywell HCM-750-TGT
Warm Mist/Cool Mist Cool Mist Cool Mist Warm Mist Cool Mist Cool Mist Cool Mist
With Filter/Filter-free With Filter With Filter Filter-free Filter-free With Filter With Filter
Hours of Operation (per one filling, on low setting)
Up to 24 hours

Up to 24 hours

Up to 24 hours

Up to 30 hours

Up to 24 hours

Up to 48 hours
Tank Capacity 1.5 gallon 3.4 gallon 1.0 gallon 0.8 gallon 1.0 gallon 1.5 gallon
Area of Operation Up to 700 sq. ft. Up to 2300 sq. ft. Medium-sized rooms Medium to large-sized rooms Medium to large-sized rooms Large-sized rooms
Quiet operation Yes Yes Yes
Yes (max. speed – no) Yes (max. speed – no)
Humidistat Adjustable Humidistat Adjustable Humidistat No No No Adjustable Humidistat
Automatic Shut-Off Yes Yes Yes (when runs out of water) Yes (when runs out of water) Yes (when runs out of water) Yes (when runs out of water)
Additional Features Antimicrobial Treated Filter Protec Antimicrobial Cleaning Cartridge Medicine cup for inhalants Night light Dishwasher safe parts Dishwasher safe parts

The portable air humidifiers by Honeywell represent a hassle-free way to provide a healthy atmosphere in a room. They are intended to increase the level of humidity in one or several rooms. Allowing for use in bedrooms due to their quiet operation, these devices generally do not require special maintenance, except for filter replacement and cleaning.

In case you desire to maintain the healthy humidity level in your whole home, the Whole-House Humidifiers would be a good pick. One of our customers’ favorite representative is the Honeywell HE120A1010 – a superior solution for combatting dry air, which operates with home furnaces in small & medium-sized homes. The given equipment requires no drain, comes with a Humidistat and a full installation kit.

Useful Tips

  • humidifiers must be placed on stable, flat surfaces;
  • make sure your humidifier 4 ft. away from your bed and 12 IN from walls;
  • adding inhalants/medications/scents in water tanks is not recommended;
  • clean water tanks and grilles at least weekly;
  • in case your device has no humidistat, get Honeywell HHM10 Humidity Monitor to observe the level of humidity in a room.

Choose your Honeywell Humidifier and ensure comfortable atmosphere and healthy breathing in your home!

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