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BRAND Transferpette® S

The Transferpette® S is the product of intensive ergonomic and operational studies, and the application of innovative materials.
It is the perfect manual pipette for demanding laboratory scientists who prefer a traditional control layout.
The Transferpette® S offers robust yet lightweight construction, superior autoclavability, simple, one-handed operation,
high degree of accuracy and precision and Easy Calibration™ technology for long lasting reliability.
The single channel model is available in fixed volume and digital models in volume ranges from 0.1µL to 10mL.

Transferpette® S Features:

  • One-handed volume adjustment with brake to protect against accidental volume changes
  • 12.5mm piston stroke-length is shortest of all leading pipettes
  • Easy Calibration™ technology ensures fast, easy, in-lab calibration adjustments without tools
  • Four-digit volume display is always visible
  • Accepts universal tips
  • Completely and repeatedly autoclavable at 121°C/250°F (20 minutes)
  • Multichannel models have patented individually removable/replaceable tip cones for easy in-lab cleaning and service and V-rings for low-force tip mounting and ejection
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Adjustable Single Channel Pipettes Fixed Single Channel Pipettes

0.1 - 1µL Pipette (704768)
0.1 - 2.5µL Pipette (704769)
0.5 - 10µL Pipette (704770)
2 - 20µL Pipette (704772)
5 - 50µL Pipette (704773)
10 - 100µL Pipette (704774)
20 - 200µL Pipette (704778)
100 - 1000µL Pipette (704780)
500 - 5000µL Pipette (704782)
1000 - 10000µL Pipette (704784)

10µL Pipette (704708)
20µL Pipette (704716)
25µL Pipette (704720)
50µL Pipette (704728)
100µL Pipette (704738)
200µL Pipette (704744)
500µL Pipette (704754)
1000µL Pipette (704762)

704805 Transferpette-S Carousel Stand

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