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A megohmmeter is intended for measuring the electrical resistance of insulators. It allows to maintain them in a good condition, helps to identify problems quickly and then takes measures to fix them. The insulators include various wires, cables, connectors, switches, transformers etc.

It is possible to find a wide array of megohmmeters on the market. For instance, there are models that measure only high resistance values, however, it is easy to find megohmmeters that additionally measure continuity and voltage. That is why it is crucial to know the purpose of usage of the device.

There are analog and digital megohmmeters. Analog devices have an in-built generator that works with the help of a rotation handle. In addition, the device has a scale with a pointer. Digital megohmmeters have a powerful impulse generator that works with the help of special transistors. Digital devices are compact and lightweight, allowing their users to transfer them from one place to another effortlessly.

A megohmmeter consists of two parts: a hand-driven dc generator and the instrument portion. The first part supplies the high voltage and the second indicates the value of the resistance.

Mind that due to the operation with high voltages, so use the device properly and follow the instructions. Otherwise, users put their health and life at risk.

Modern megohmmeters are more precise than older models. With the world ever-changing, new technologies are incorporated in the process of measuring devices manufacturing.

The devices are widely used by professional electricians and by specialists who work with electrical equipment.

Use only reliable devices from trustworthy brands. MegaDepot offers an array of top-quality megohmmeters from a number of manufacturers including AEMC, Extech, REED Instruments etc.

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