... ensuring safe appliance operation, proper emissions compliance and optimizing equipment longevity and efficiency

  • Midstream Oil / Gas
  • Emissions controls and compliance are a key part of the oil and gas industry, so Bacharach offers industrial-grade combustion & emissions analyzers to keep things running smoothly in between compliance tests

  • Engines / Generators
  • Engines and generators are everywhere and regulations are tough, so keep things running smoothly with one of Bacharach's industrial-grade combustion & emissions analyzers

  • Utilities
  • Utility companies are critical in keeping businesses, schools, homes and other establishments going so Bacharach offers cost-competitive, feature-rich combustion analyzers to help maintain reliable utilities

  • Home / Building Inspection & Weatherization.
  • As homes and buildings are made tighter for energy efficiency it is becoming even more important to ensure appliances operate correctly so that human safety isn’t compromised