Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (or PPE) is a factor of major importance in ensuring safe and efficient workflow, protecting your personnel from traumas and wounds. It stands for a complex of appliances, used to shield employees against physical damage, infection, or contamination. At Mega Depot, you can find a wide array of PPE suited for your specific requirements.

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Personal Protective Equipment

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Modern personal protective equipment (PPE) is presented in a great assortment of appliances. Generally, PPE design is determined by the sphere of application so that the gear matches potential hazards. Such gear can also be classified depending on the body part it protects. Some of the main types are:

  • Respiratory protection. Face shields, masks, and respirators are devices designed to prevent dangerous gases, fumes, smokes, and infections from getting into the respiratory system. Consider the difference between masks, face shields, and respirators to choose the right solution for your application.
  • Eye protection. Various types of glasses and goggles will protect your eyes from debris, dirt, dust, toxic fumes, or adverse temperatures. Some of them can even be incorporated into head protection or full-face protection equipment.
  • Hearing protection includes a range of headphones that are used in spheres with high noise levels.
  • Skin protection includes pieces of clothing suited for protecting a certain body part. Sometimes, they can be reinforced to provide better shielding from physical damage.

Commonly, the elements of PPE are combined into safety suits or ensembles, which are specifically designed for certain application fields. Mega Depot offers a vast range of Personal Protective Equipment from trusted manufacturers for you to find a reliable solution for your safety needs.

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