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Woodward Fab: Your Metal Fabrication Partner Since 1966

Woodward Fab is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of sheet metal fabrication tools. Their products are engineered to provide you with astounding results irrespective of your level of proficiency. With the company’s tools, creating one-of-a-kind customized pieces is easy and affordable. Metal forming & shaping equipment like English Wheels, Pipe Benders and Shrinker Stretchers allow you to create a work of art with professional results.

Strengthening metal for floor pans or HVAC applications just got a whole lot easier using Woodward’s bead rollers. Metal working equipment like pipe and tube notchers allow you to finish off your race car or buggy and create that custom roll cage.

The company offer a complete lineup of quality sheet metal fabrication equipment. Whether you need to cut, bend, shrink, stretch, or strengthen a piece of metal, Woodward have the right tools to get the job done quickly. The company offer high quality sheet metal equipment at affordable prices, and can even customize a set of dies to help you create applications or products with custom details. The accuracy and end result that this equipment provides is unmatchable. With over 49 years in this industry, Woodward Fab brings precision and aesthetics to your metal fabrication project.

After all, Woodward Fab believes and provides ‘Professional Tools for Professional Results’.

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