​​​The story of Vaisala began in the 1930s when professor Vilho Väisälä developed the radiosonde for measuring the meteorological conditions in the upper atmosphere. Since then Vaisala has grown to a world's leading company in environmental measurements. Vaisala celebrates its 80th anniversary ​in 2016.

Vaisala’s way of operating is innovative and driven by the following values. They are the basis of all the company’s activities, both within the company and with the partners and customers.

Customer focus - Vaisala strive for deep understanding of their customers' needs and aim at meeting them in everything the company do.​

Innovation and Renewal - Vaisala embrace pioneering innovation and drive change through continuous improvement and learning.

Integrity - Vaisala are honest, respectful and reliable, they promote sustainable and ethical behavior.​

The lives of millions of people all around the world are touched daily by the work Vaisala do and the technologies they create. The products and services provide the customers with the means to influence and better understand their environment. Curiosity, the desire to meet challenges and an extraordinary ability to innovate are at Vaisala's core, both past and present.

Mission & Vision - Reliable environmental observations for better decision making, safety and efficiency.

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