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Cole-Parmer offers an extensive line of overhead laboratory mixers and mixer accessories to suit mixing requirements from lab to scale-up. It’s already more than 30 years, as ServoDyne™ and Stir-Pak® overhead stirrers have been helping laboratory scientists with virtually all their mixing and stirring needs. Whether working with relatively simple and straightforward applications such as water-like solutions, to viscous and precise mixing times or cycles, the line of Servodyne mixers has the answer to your requirements.

Modular design features easy customization to suit your needs!

The company’s modular Servodyne electronic mixer system allows you the flexibility to create the best system for your mixing applications. System components are sold separately or as convenient complete system packages - customize your own system or select one of the offered.

To customize your own system, simply start with a solid-state speed controller, add one of the four mixing heads depending on your speed and torque requirements, select a shaft and propeller, then choose from clamps and stands that best suit your application.

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