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SAM Medical Products

SAM Medical Products is a developer and manufacturer of innovative medical products used for emergency, military, and hospital care. The company’s products include the widely used SAM Splint, SAM Chest Seal, SAM Junctional Tourniquet, SAM Pelvic Sling, Soft Shell Splint, BursaMed line of shear and friction relieving dressings, and Blist-O-Ban blister prevention bandages. For more than 25 years, SAM Medical Products has represented innovation and quality to the medical professional.

The Story of the SAM Splint. As an Army surgeon during the Vietnam War, Dr. Sam Scheinberg was fully aware of the woefully inadequate splints of the period and vowed to modernize splinting techniques. Trying to relax after a 24 hour shift, Sam was playing with the foil wrapper from the gum he was chewing when he noticed the strength the foil obtained when bent into a curve around his finger. An idea was formed. The result…

It took years of meticulous experimentation, but by 1985, Sam and Cherrie were selling the first SAM® Splints (structural, aluminum, malleable). Today, the SAM® Splint is the most popular emergency splint in the world, favored by emergency crews, armed services, outdoor enthusiasts, and rescue teams. The SAM Splint can even be found aboard the Space Shuttle and on Himalayan expeditions.

SAM Medical Products. Customer driven solutions.

SAM Medical Products
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