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MK Diamond Products Inc., an American family-owned company, is a recognized world leader in the manufacturing of equipment for cutting, coring, and polishing all types of masonry, concrete, tile, and stone products.

MK Diamond family business started in San Francisco in 1868 by Joseph Musto, a fifth-generation Italian stone-cutter and tile-setter, whose ancestors were known as master craftsmen. He brought the skills of his forefathers to his new home in America and established the Musto Steam Marble Mill. The trademark of the business was its pledge to quality work and service. The Musto family believed that good enough was never really good enough. This work ethic allows MK Diamond to offer high-quality products.

In late 1919, Joseph’s son, Clarence, came to Los Angeles. By 1949, the newly named Musto-Keenan Company had gained a reputation for making top-quality diamond tools to cut marble and tile faster and more efficiently.

Beginning in 1974, and under the leadership of Robert J. Delahaut, the company moved in a direction that has established itself as a world leader for precision power cutting tools and diamond blades. MK Diamond is committed to making its products and services the benchmark by which the rest of the industry will measure itself.

MK Diamond: An American Family Tradition Since 1868.

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