KNIPEX are an independently-owned family enterprise steeped in tradition and specializing in the manufacturing of high quality pliers. Based on high level of performance and reliability, Knipex maintain good and long-term relations with the customers.

Being a manufacturer with a well-known and prestigious brand name, the company claim a high standard of quality for all products and services. Knipex strive to constantly justify and renew customers’ confidence in the brand.

Knipex strive for long-term economic success but not at any price. The company are guided by core values and the aim of an economic, social and ecologically sustainable development. Thus, they share the responsibility for society and the environment.

Less is more: Knipex concentrate on one single product group and in this way achieve appreciable benefits in quality and performance. That is why Knipex is the world's leading brand in pliers today.

People in more than 100 countries work with Knipex tools – and this figure is on the increase.

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