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Kinesio provides the highest quality education and products, which are continually refined and innovated based on clinical research and advancements in science and technology. The company’s certifications acknowledge and ensure confidence in the level of training and competence achieved by the practitioners. Through product development, education, research and certification, Kinesio seeks to ensure that patients and users can be confident they are receiving the highest standard of Kinesio Tape. Kinesio is THE Original global brand since 1979.

Kinesio is a group of three organizations dedicated to the Kinesio Taping® Method: Kinesio University™, Kinesio Taping® Association International (KTAI) and Kinesio® Holding Corporation (KHC). The collaboration of these three companies ensures representation for the Method across all realms of the therapeutic world. Together, they have one vision: ‘Tape the World for Health’.

The KTAI is the certification and membership organization, providing accreditation to those who successfully complete their education programs. Those letters “CKTP” after a name ensure confidence that the practitioner has undergone the necessary training to integrate Kinesio Taping into their practice. KTAI also promotes scientific research. Dr. Kase invented the Kinesio Taping Method long before science and the rest of the world was ready. 35 years later science is still catching up, but growing evidence is emerging to support what Dr. Kase learned years ago simply by listening to the body and utilizing its natural healing processes.

With more than 35 years of development, research and application, Kinesio stands apart in the field of elastic therapeutic taping. The collaboration of Kinesio University, KTAI and KHC provides an unrivalled combination of technical, research and educational service to practitioners, patients and users around the globe.

KINESIO - Tape the World for Health.

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