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ECOM offers a wide range of products, from industry leading portable emissions analyzers to convenient and easy to use HVAC tools.

For over 20 years, ECOM America has been the leading manufacturer of portable emission combustion analyzers. The company’s instruments provide reliable and accurate results for most combustion applications in the market, and their team’s commitment to safety, compliance and service is unparalleled.

What makes ECOM different? The superior build-quality of products sets ECOM detectors & analyzers apart from other brands. The robust, yet lightweight, metal chassis is German designed, engineered and manufactured - many of the customers have been using the same piece of equipment for over 10 years. ECOM analyzers are also equipped with sample conditioning features not found with any other brand of portable emission analyzers, which ensure long term reliability and accuracy of your analyzer.

An industry leader for over 28 years, ECOM Products have been at the forefront of innovation and technology. Solid German engineering and attention to detail ensure that in any application, your measurements are accurate and reliable.

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